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One-Day Brand Transformation Strategy Workshops

Strategies and tools to quickly gain the traction and momentum to transform and elevate your business/brand to the next level of success.

In an era of clutter, noise and abundant choice, many early growth businesses struggle to gain competitive advantage in the confusion of the digital age. Unlike other on-going marketing activities, embarking on a brand transformation initiative can be a once in a lifetime event for many emerging companies. When you get this right, you set the foundation for building a valuable brand with deeper relevance to higher value customers.

If you can’t clearly and quickly lead your ideal customer to believe your solution is their “one and only” solution, it will be next to impossible to transform your company and achieve the quantum leaps forward you’re looking for.

If your growth has stalled on a plateau, chances are you’re not enjoying the impact and influence with higher value customers as you should.

Through a series of custom one-day brand transformation workshops, you’ll gain more clarity and confidence in what your brand stands for, to whom it matters, and how your desired reputation shapes your impact and influence with higher value customers and drives future growth.

Using the tools presented in these strategy sessions, you and your team will transform your thinking and get the traction and momentum to move your business/brand forward immediately.

The framework of each strategy session is tailored to your current challenges and designed to help you quickly set the strategic and creative foundation for building a one and only brand your customers can’t live without.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • More Focus – I can help you and your team to quickly remove complexity and get your thinking zeroed in the one thing that will make all the difference in getting your moving forward again
  •  Insight and Guidance – In times of change, an expert assessment can be very useful so you can avoid spending your precious marketing resources barking up the wrong tree.
  • Strategic and Creative Ideas  – Business is a head game. Everything starts as an idea. My clients appreciate how I facilitate and help them generate ideas that will enhance their impact and influence in the marketplace.
  • More Clarity and Confidence – Business is about risk. It’s always better to make big decisions with a sense of confidence and consensus that you’re doing the right thing–especially when there is skin in the game.

Our brand transformation strategy workshops can be conducted as individual sessions or planned as a consecutive series delivered to your organization over a defined time period.

Define high value target customers, why they buy and what makes your brand highly valued and difficult to substitute.

Determine how will you embed your unique value in the minds of high value customers.

Develop your brand positioning statement, brand value proposition and brand plan you can implement immediately.

Full Workshop Description and Booking Information

Defining the attitudes and motivations of the key audiences segments your brand story is targeted to and why the story of your brand matters to them.

Defining the verbal and visual cues that identify your brand archetype and forms the foundational narrative of your brand’s story to support your key sales and marketing communications initiatives.

Full Workshop Description and Booking Information

Defining your brand’s archetype and the tone and manner of your brand’s voice to various customer segments.

Defining the range of your brand’s voice across multiple sales and marketing channels.

Defining the specific language used for audience segments in all forms of sales and marketing communications.

Full Workshop Description and Booking Information

Client teams in diverse industries from startups, early stage to mid-market companies have engaged in these one-day strategy session workshops to accelerate their progress when they’re in the early planning stages of:

  • inventing a new business.
  • introducing new products and services.
  • extending brands into new product categories.
  • planning to enter new markets or serve a new customer segment.
  • planning to bring new life to under-performing brands.
  • planning to shift brand messaging and communication strategies.
  • managing the implications of mergers and acquisitions.

Thomson Dawson, Brand Strategy Workshops

“Thomson did an excellent job of guiding our sales and marketing team through the strategic brand positioning and creative development process for our recent new product introductions. Thomson’s contribution to our brand development strategy was exceptional.”

David Barella,
Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing
Coapt Systems, Inc., Medical Device Manufacturer and Marketer

If you’re facing a brand transformation challenge, let’s schedule a complimentary strategy conversation! 

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