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Case Study: Woodall’s Strategic Brand Transformation

Woodalls Brand Identity

In celebration of its 75th Anniversary, this leading publisher of RV travel and family campground directories elevates its brand positioning and expression to users and advertisers alike.

Affinity Group is a leading publisher of recreational outdoor enthusiast magazines. Its hallmark brand is Woodall’s, North America’s best known publisher of RV and Family Camping travel directories in print and online.

In response to a turbulent consumer economy in the great recession, shifting demographics and the higher cost of fuel, the publisher realized the Woodall’s brand was facing serious headwinds.

In collaboration with the marketing leadership team, we began the strategic process of elevating the brand’s positioning and expression to a higher value and under-served advertiser segment– travel and tourism associations across the US and Canada.

What began as a conversation about direct marketing to this advertiser segment, evolved into a deeper process of re-thinking the Woodall’s brand positioning and value proposition to consumers and advertisers alike.

Woodall’s Campground Directories are recognized as the premier print and online resource for camping and tourism information for people who are passionate about the RV lifestyle. The new brand positioning concept “Everywhere RVers go” proclaimed Woodall’s brand promise to advertisers.

The RV lifestyle is pursued by high wealth consumers and represents a lucrative target audience for a variety of advertisers. The brand is so respected, RV dealers place them in the glove box of every RV they sell as a courtesy to their customers.

Woodalls 75th Icon

Woodalls Camping Directories

Woodalls Direct Mail

Woodalls Print Ads

Woodalls Media Kit

Woodalls Online Media Planner

Working with the marketing communications and sales teams, a refreshed brand voice and messaging platform based on this core competitive advantage–Woodall’s is the most widely used and trusted travel planning resource for affluent RVer’s and family campers all across North America. Advertisers know RVer’s really care about what Woodall’s provides them.

Over a year-long effort, Woodall’s engaged in strategic brand consulting, creative direction and design development for a comprehensive brand refresh and marketing communication program that included trade show communications, exhibit displays, print advertising, sales literature, email marketing, and the development of an online media planning toolkit for all of Woodall’s publications in print and online.

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