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Working Together: Are We a Good Fit?

Are we a good fit?

Transforming your business / brand to the next level of success requires focus, clarity and confidence. Choosing a specialized advisor to help guide your way forward requires trust and proven expertise. Are we a good fit for each other?

Here is information to help you quickly determine if my expertise is a good fit to collaborate with you and your team to formulate your strategy for taking your business / brand to the next level. I hope you find the right strategic advisor to help you grow your business to the next level.

My ideal Clients:

Founder/CEOs of startup or early growth companies. Startup client organizations have revenues less the $1Million annually. Early growth client organizations have annual revenues in the $5-20+Million range.

Facing a growth challenge in their business/brand and losing traction and momentum toward their business goals.

Does not have my specialized expertise within their organization and they appreciate the value investing in my specialized expertise will have on their future growth.

Open to a unique perspective and ideology on strategies for building a “one and only” brand customers love and can’t live without.

My expectations in my Client relationships:

All my business relationships are based in honesty, trust and mutual respect.

I expect clients to know and appreciate the difference between a business/brand strategy consultant (future growth focused) and a marketing, lead generation or sales consultant (focused on making, distributing and managing on-going tactical marketing stuff). I have a long history in sales and marketing communications tactics, but it is not my expertise. I’m happy to make referrals of experts in those disciplines.

I expect clients and their leadership teams to realize the responsibility for creating change and growth in their business is in their hands. I help them create a roadmap to follow based on the business/brand transformation success of other companies facing similar growth challenges.

The business value I provide to you and your organization:

I specialize in what’s next–helping you create a bigger future. I do this by providing insight, guidance and creativity to help you build the strategic and creative foundation to become the one and only choice of higher value customers. I help clients focus on who they are, what they stand for, to whom it matters, and how their desired reputation shapes their future business success.

How I deliver the value I provide to your organization:

I deliver value to you and your organization through issued-based strategic consulting and group strategy session facilitation. I am a solo entrepreneur and lead all my engagements. Depending on the needs of the client, I have a network of established consultants in market research, consumer behavior and go-to-market strategies that I may suggest we collaborate with.

When you need my expertise:

Your business is currently experiencing dynamic change or a growth challenge. You and your leadership team are struggling to have the clarity, consensus and confidence to develop a winning business transformation strategy without expert guidance. Typically clients seek my expertise when they’re in the early planning stages of launching a new business, introducing new products and services, or transforming their business / brand for the next level of growth.

Clients / Services / Market Segments:

My focus is serving leaders and their management teams in startups (less than $1 million in revenue), and emerging growth companies ($5-20 million+ in revenue).

I provide expertise in business / brand transformation strategy, strategic brand development, creative direction of the verbal and visual expression of your brand in sales and marketing channels.

I serve clients in the CPG Natural Food & Beverage, Consumer Products, B2B Products and Services, Healthcare and Medical Deice Market segments.

You can review client success stories here.

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If you have a business transformation challenge let’s have a conversation.

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