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The White Hot Center Manifesto Book Project

WHC Manifesto Book Project

The writing has begun on my forthcoming book. I’m excited to share the creative process here on the blog by publishing chapters as they are completed. To get things started, I’m happy to share the Introduction to the book.

The White Hot Center Manifesto
How 21st Century Entrepreneurs to create more Impact, Influence and Income.


The 21st century marketplace, at this moment in time, presents unique opportunities for new business models to disrupt conventional wisdom and forever transform our world at warp speed. Of all the challenges that face entrepreneurs in the early phase of their business growth, the biggest challenge is the unending clutter and noise of our hyper-connected social media age. Standing out from the growing herd of competitors and influencing the behavior of customers, clients and markets is a tall order indeed–no matter how big or small the enterprise, or the marketing budget. The 21st marketplace is a slush pile of white noise.

In the early phases of planning this book, I roughed out a list of 21 strategic ideas I believed would provide an inspirational reference point for entrepreneurs to guide them in breaking through the clutter and noise in the marketplace and experience more impact, influence and income.

When I had completed my list, I posted these ideas on my blog–as a manifesto of “first principles” gleaned and gathered over my long consulting career guiding hundreds of startup entrepreneurs, business owners and their management teams in the process of transforming their business–regardless of what phase of growth or level of success their business was in. As my initial ideas began to take shape, I began to share them with colleagues and clients asking for their feedback.

One of them randomly asked me “why did you come up with 21 strategies? Why not 5, 14 or even 50? Why 21”?

With a puzzled look on my face, I answered, “That’s all I wrote down”.

That got me thinking–why 21 indeed?

I began to wonder if 21 would be the right number of ideas to organize into a book? Perhaps this is too many, or not enough? Does more or less of them make any one of them more useful? Which of them would be more important or useful than the other? I was curious so I did a Google search on the number 21.

What I discovered was very enlightening! Besides being the winning hand in Blackjack and the legal drinking age, I learned many ancient cultures and belief systems all over the world attached significant symbolism and reverence for the number 21. For example, in many philosophies the number 21 represented:

  • the symbol for the Gods–the unknown superiors with mastery for creation.
  • the principle of individuality.
  • the notion of a chief or shaman leader
  • the essence of perfection and harmony of creation
  • the qualities of renewal.

It was fascinating to discover just how significant the number 21 was as a symbol for creation! Creation is what entrepreneurs do for a living! Instantly I realized the number 21 would be the perfect metaphor and an appropriate symbol representing what I believe to be the indelible characteristics of the 21st century entrepreneur:

An uncommon individual possessing unbridled strategic and creative thinking (master of creation), never following the herd (individuality), creates unexpected value for people (shaman leader), and embraces change as opportunities rather than obstacles (renewal).

In our technology-driven 21st century marketplace, these are essential characteristics necessary to thrive in an era increasingly driven by disruptive new ideas. Thus I propose for your consideration:

The White Hot Center Manifesto –a declaration of 21 strategic principles you can employ to expand your creative thinking and disciplined actions to build a life and business with unparalleled impact, influence and income.

Every entrepreneur I’ve ever encountered, no matter their level of success, wants more impact, influence and income. It’s the fundamental motivating reason many (perhaps you) made the decision to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Impact, influence and income are the essential means for experiencing more personal freedom in life.

I’m confident you would agree with this statement.

The disheartening reality is only one in five entrepreneurs will attain a level of impact and influence in the marketplace that will enable them to experience a life with more freedom and prosperity. My passion, in writing this book, is helping early-stage entrepreneurs just like you increase the odds of success.

My purpose for sharing these ideas is to inspire you to develop the right mindset for creativity and innovation and realize your vision for a bigger future in these important ways:

  • provide a set of strategic guidelines by which to create and grow a business / brand that is highly valued in the marketplace.
  • help you have more clarity and confidence to transform your business as the one and only choice for higher value customers and clients.
  • inspire you to stay connected and focused on your purpose, core values, and what you’re unwilling to compromise on for short-term gain.
  • provide insight and guidance on the “inner game” of business and life success.
  • inspire you to develop a disciplined mindset for creativity and innovation that makes price and competition irrelevant.

Through my collaborations with hundreds of entrepreneurs in diverse industry sectors, I’ve seen first hand how these powerful strategies have dramatically transformed entrepreneurs lingering on a plateau, elevated the quality of their presence in the marketplace, and turned their possibilities into achievements.

It’s my hope this book proves to be the linchpin in elevating your strategic and creative thinking in every area of your life and business, so you can experience the freedom to spend your time as you desire whenever you desire. The real prosperity and success in life is the freedom of discretionary time! You can always make more money but you can’t make more time.

I wish you inspired success on your journey to a bigger future!

Thomson Dawson
Ojai, California

The White Hot Center Manifesto

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