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Case Study: ThedaCare Brand Transformation

ThedaCare Brand Transformation

This leading healthcare provider undergoes a complete brand transformation to bring unity to a large and complex organization and redefine its core value to the communities and consumers it serves.

ThedaCare is a leading healthcare system provider serving consumers in diverse metropolitan and rural communities throughout northeastern Wisconsin. With corporate headquarters in Appleton, ThedaCare operates a large network of major medical centers, community hospitals, and specialty clinics.

The Challenge

Facing increased headwinds from aggressive growth through acquisition, new competitors and the complexities involved in a rapidly changing healthcare environment, ThedaCare struggled to claim a relevant and differentiated positioning with little brand equity among its consumer audiences.  Having made significant acquisitions of smaller healthcare facilities in rural communities over the past few years, consumers in these communities did not recognize the value or the benefits of what an integrated healthcare system can provide to improve the quality of patient care.Old ThedaCare Brand Logotype

Responding to these significant brand challenges, management recognized that operating in decentralized silos, offering a diversity of services within diverse branded entities had, over time, blurred its image within the communities it served. ThedaCare had no perceivable value added benefits to consumers that were not abundantly available by from competitors entering the communities were ThedaCare operated. In effect, ThedaCare had a commodity positioning in the minds of consumers and its brand identity had become generic.

The Brand Innovation

In response, management made the strategic decision to reclaim its leadership position as the premier healthcare provider demonstrating proven success routinely solving the most complex and difficult medical challenges. For patients and their families faced with making difficult medical decisions, knowing ThedaCare was nearby offered peace of mind wherever they lived within ThedaCare’s service area. No other competitor could make this claim.

The foundation for unifying its operations over a broad geographic area and bringing its value proposition to life, required a strategic assessment of all its marketing communications programs, branded entities and visual identity systems across the entire system.

Over a two-year period beginning in early 2014, we advised and provided guidance for the ThedaCare Marketing Communications Leadership team to develop a strategic brand storytelling and messaging platform that would guide the development of a new corporate identity system to unify all of its diverse operations and build greater equity in the ThedaCare corporate brand. Bringing that platform to life required a completely new corporate identity system be designed that included a comprehensive brand architecture strategy unifying diverse business entities, strategic partnerships, hospitals and patient clinics. Illustrated below are elements of the brand transformation program.

ThedaCare Main Signage

ThedaCare Corporate Identity

ThedaCare Brand Guidelines

ThedaCare Helocopter

ThedaCare Wayfinnding

Thedacare Directional Signage

ThedaCare Campus Signage

ThedaCare Brand Development

ThedaCare Story Board

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