Inspiration for entreprenuers who
want more impact, influence and income.

Creative Guidance for Growing Brands.

Bringing business transformation strategy to life at every customer touch point in your sales and marketing channels.

Collaborating with leadership teams in 90-day increments, we provide on-going strategic insight and creative guidance to bridge the gap between business strategy and the effective expression of your higher value to customers at each touch point in your sales and marketing channels.

If you’re company is introducing new products and services, or transforming your brand for the next level of growth, our comprehensive brand development and creative guidance will help you set the strong foundation for creating a “one and only” brand your customers love and can’t live without.

We provide guidance and creative direction in corporate and brand identity development, naming, brand voice, retail presence, retail packaging design, digital presence, sales environments, and marketing communications planning.


Typically a minimum of $15,000+ USD  Monthly Retainer depending on the scope of the engagement.
Three-month minimum engagement.
Our clients at this level of engagement are typically growing companies with annual revenues of $5-20 million+

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Brightformat Brand Identity

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“My business partner and I worked with Thomson on what would become a critical strategic move for our business – identifying our true brand position and out of that developing and implementing a new name for our business. Over the course of six months, Thomson was thoughtful, collaborative, and was clearly committed to our success. His experience, guidance, and creativity helped bring two very different shareholders toward a result that we simply could not be happier with.”

Pete Houlihan
CEO, Brightformat, Inc.
Digital Printing and Business Services

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